CfG just got a bunch of frankly quite rude comments on one of our Facebook ads. Once upon a time Robin would have flown into a furious bout of anger and self doubt, flip flopping more than the shoe of the same name.

This time he went 'whatever' and wrote some content about handling criticism, which struck a chord in the Facebook group, so here it is as a podcast. 

A big thank you to the people who talked shit about the advert, not only are we not for you (which means we can tweak the ad so it costs us less and reaches more of the right people), but you generated loads of great chat too. Awesome!


The Group

Oh yeah, we have an awesome Facebook group of geeks who want more! Come and join us, join the chat, set some goals, grow your podcast/business/twitch audience, makes some new friends -

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Be awesome and we'll see you next week!


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