Robin has a chat with Paul Flannery, in a north London pub, about bringing back the classic UK kids' TV show 'Knightmare', meeting your heroes, his time in the Crystal Maze, and his other shows and filmwork, including The MMORPG Show and Ghosts of Darkness.



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Paul's Shows and Work (go see them, they're great!)


Knightmare Live





UK Games Expo

Paul will also be running and participating in shows at the UK Games Expo 2017


Ghosts of Darkness

Ghosts of darkness is out on DVD in the UK on 6th June 2017 (will update with a link once available). If you have a US link do let us know.

Ghosts of Darkness Trailer


Ghosts of Darkness Offical Site


And you can watch old epsiodes of Knightmare on Challenge TV in the UK or on YouTube.

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